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Val Collinson

This is indeed shocking news. Landsman's put Bromyard on the map for me when I was at Writtle College in the '60's. The, later, when I came to farm near Bromyard, I visited them often and remember talking to Mr Stewart on many occasions. It was always the place to go for an agricultural book, or to sell an old one.

I guess it is just another casualty, along with many cattle markets and agricultural merchants of the 'we'll pay you to do anything except farm' attitude of our government, . I believe that may be about to change, but alas, too late for many.

My thanks and condolences go to everyone at Landsmans, just for being there for us for so many years.

Val Collinson

Tricia Nelson

Just today I was at a local sheepdog trials and discussing with a lady her difficulty sourcing agricultural books for her student daughter. I immediately thought of Landsmans and suggested a web search. As soon as I got back, I did a search and was aghast to find out they were in liquidation.
In a previous life, I used to buy books for Merrist Wood College in Surrey. We looked forward to the arrival of the truck-a great selection of books, cheerful and helpful service from Ken and Peter and the bearded collie was lovely too.
I'm sure they will be missed so my condolences to everyone still there.
Tricia Nelson (formerly Green)

John Hyde

I have just heard the sad news of their going. I was at Merrist Wood College in 1971 and bought my books from them, as did my friends.
Some of those books have served me well and I still have a couple of them floating around. I know we have Amazon and others, but it was so nice to have the contact with people who cared and offered help and advice.
I'm sure that all involved will be remembered warmly.

John Hyde

Roger Smith

I think you are quite right, John. Landsmans was a reliable point of focus. They knew their subject matter backwards and were always concerned to give good service. Through browsing their stand at the Royal Show or Smithfield I have bought many books that I would not otherwise have known about.
Bets wishes
Roger Smith

Ann Dunning

I found Landsmans in the'60's and it was invaluable studying agric at Leeds. So disappointing that a pillar of the agric world is no more. Glad I kept all my books; my best friends, and with Landsmans stamp inside

Gilbert Storrs

I just loved receiving Landsmans catalogue each year when I studied Agricultural Science in the early 1970's in Dublin. It is only today, when looking for a book by Andre Voisin that I saw that they are no longer in business. What a loss !

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