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that was an interesting read.

a martin

having just watched the dvd i found your story most interesting.looking back 30 years it reminds me of how much simpler life used to be.also you wonder what those people are doing now?sorry to read margie passed away i only hope she had some years of enjoyable retirement!

Laurence Curran

I'm a big fan of Yellow Trail and can say that both it and Dylan Winters 2000 Mile Harvest inspired me to follow my dream and do the harvest trail 10 years ago. I will agree that it turned out to not be as glamourous as the videos made it out to be but then nothing is as good as it appears to be on TV. Sometimes it was better.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time in the USA on harvest and would do it all again but for other commitments I have now. I made great friends on harvest and learned a thing or two about hard work that have stood me well.

I would say to anyone wishing to do the harvest to go with an open mind and be prepared to learn new things, work hard when its dry and to sit around a lot when its wet and you will have the time of your life.

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